About Us

fill start operating since 2001. We crush and screen any kind of materials in our dump side and also we do service to other contractors. We are located in the city of Boca Raton in southern Florida


All equipment used by f fill group to produce these materials is company owned, operate and maintained, we are full insure and our employees are trained and certify by MSHA.


Our company specialize in the aggregate material and other such as steel. These materials are gathered, separated, and converted into different products of use. We utilize a fleet of modern tracks to gather the materials and make things easier for you. Our company also offers demolition service and picking up discarded. During the past 10 year we have contributed to the southern Florida area by making a “ green impact.“  Our treated asphalt is sold daily to general contractors that seek to get more for their money and also to residential consumers in search of a cost effective alternative to graved or other driveway materials.